Treatment of waters with animal or vegetal greases, from the food industry and catering, restaurants, commercial centers, fast-foods, etc.


Data need for choosing of solution:

 The flow or number of washing points

 Place of installation (town, etc)

 Loading class of concrete cover

 Special conditions

 Up to loading class D400, without any other constructions (as concrete tank, concrete plate, etc)

 Can be installed to the depth of 6m, using only leveling rings.

 Minimum maintenance requirements, without electrical power needs

 Posibility of special solutions, adapted to the customer needs. (inlet/outlet at divers positions, etc)

 Easy operating mode, without adding any chemical substances.

 Service and technical assistance in operation!


Version made from polyethylene, stainless steel, with automation, with emptying pumps, mixers, etc. Possibility of installation under the washing basin.

Concrete grease separators - GWS

Sisteme de tratare a apelor



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