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Flow control and regulation



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Intense showers are often short and local,and they only cause full-flowing pipes in some places, and for a short time.  The solution is therefore retaining the excess water in other places of the system during the relevant time interval.  That is - where there is room for it - utilising those places for storage.

The solution functions in far most precipitation situations and it does not require any investments in larger pipes  or in basins, it only requires flow control with suitable flow regulators.

Sewage system without flow control: flooding!

Flow: 10-600l/s


 Outlet from detention basins

 Overflow structures

 Pipe storage

 Capacity limits in hydraulic nodal points

 Inlets of pumping stations

 Inlets of separators and waste water treatment plants

 Draining of roof surfaces

 Temporary storage in upstream sewer systems