Data need for choosing of solution:

· The flow or the surface from where the rain is collected

· Place of installation (town, etc)

· Loading class for cover

· Special conditions





· Up to loading class D400, without any other constructions (as concrete tank, concrete plate, etc) )

· Can be installed to the depth of –6m, using only leveling rings.

· Sludge trap included

· Suitable for big flows— standard version up to 500l/s, bigger flows under request.

· Equiped with flow regulators, to avoid surcharging.

· Minimum maintenance requirements, without electrical power needs.

· Availabe also in by-pass solution (external or integrated)

· Equiped with automatic closing system, to avoid the accidental discharge of oils in the natural body of water.

· Possibility of installing alarm systems to announce when capacity of  oil and sludge was reached.

· Easy operating mode, without adding any chemical substances.

· Equiped with coalescence filters—the water at the outlet according the legal requirements.

· Posibility of special solutions, adapted to the customer needs. (inlet/outlet at divers positions, etc)

· Service and technical assistance in operation!



Version made from polyethylene, stainless steel, with automation, with emptying pumps, etc.

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Treatment of rain waters and waters with oils and sludge  from parking, industrial platforms, fuel distribution points,  electrical distribution points, car washes, streets, highways, town rings.