Waste waters, rain waters, drinking waters and firefighting waters, for private, industrial and commercial and municipal areas.


Data need for  choosing of solution:

· Type of pumped water

· Flow and height to pump

· Location of control panel (inside/outside)

· Place of installation (town, etc)

· Loading class for concrete cover

· Special conditions

Prefabricated pumping stations AQUAPUMP


· Modular, made from reinforced concrete tanks and rings, with no need of auxiliary constructions and  formwork.

· Loading class up to D400, without needs of supplementary works (concrete tank, etc)

· Can be installed to the depth of –6m in standard version, more depth under request.

· Equipped with accessories for easy service and maintenance : access stairs, platform, mud basket.

· Connection elements, electrical connections,   control panel, 

· Particular solutions according to the requirements of the  customer.

· For big flows, we can provide  hydraulic installations and pumps, including the putting in operation, service and technical assistance in operation


 Operation start, service, technical assistence in operation (see Services page)


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