Waste water treatment plants

Waste water treatment plants, for waters from individual houses, commercial centers, individuale , small and big communities.


WWTP-s are coming together with the technical assistance for providing the best solutions for the treatment of all types of waste waters.

4-150 inhabitants


WWTP-s are used for treatment of waters from human biological processes, that come from small groups (individual houses, apartment houses, cottages, guesthouses, hotels, small workshops, halls, kindergartens, schools. Their role is to bring the water to parameters required by legal requirements (NTPA 001). The biological treatment is made in tanks and it works with activated sludge. The treatment include mechanical pre-treatment, de-nitrification, oxidation-nitrification, secondary sedimentation. Each step is well-defined by separating walls.



Sisteme de tratare a apelor



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200-25.000 inhabitants


The mechanic-biological WWTP-s are designed for the treatment of all municipal waters, and the biological principle is the one with activated sludge (oxidation-nitrification), mechanical pre-treatment, de-nitrification, stabilization of sludge. The WWTP-s is equipped with system for phosphorus precipitation. Due to this processes, the efficiency of WWTPs is around 90-98%. The quality of treated water allows the discharging into natural body of water, according to legal requirements.


*Under request: pumping stations, sludge dehydration systems, sterilization systems .